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Voting Information:
• Voting ends Wednesday, September 9th.
• For the ballot to function correctly, please be sure to use Google Chrome version 20, Internet Explorer version 11, or Firefox version 15.
• Please register at the link below to begin voting. This will allow you to leave and return to finalize your ballot.
• Only one ballot is accepted per email and per IP address.
• A minimum of 10 businesses must be voted for in order for your votes to count.
• All businesses must be located in Sarpy County for your vote to count.
• All businesses in Sarpy County are eligible to receive votes, however, some businesses are pre-populated as a voting option, others you will need to write in.
• All voting categories and pre-populated voting options are listed in alphabetical order.
• Your votes are automatically counted when you hit the "Vote" button.

Voting Contest:
• Vote for 10 businesses to be entered to win $25.
• Vote for 25 businesses to be entered to win $50.
• Vote for 50 businesses to be entered to win $100.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Paul Swanson, Special Projects Manager for the Suburban Newspapers, at 402-444-1248 or